Bunker Shots Photography | Astrophotography

The Great American Eclipse is coming!! Of course, this will be a daytime thing, but it's still Astrophotography!

I will be giving a presentation on eclipse photography at the Homestead National Monument with the National Parks Service in August in anticipation of the eclipse! Stay tuned for more details!

While we wait, and if you're coming to the presentation (or if you're not) I recommend you check out my page on capturing the eclipse!

Night sky or Astrophotography is a passion of mine and one that I love to share with other people! With a deep understanding of your equipment and some careful planning, you too can capture beautiful images of the stars and our home galaxy.

During the Summer months I will be planning several Milky Way workshops which will include a brief online based prep course followed by a group imaging session under the stars. Check for dates early and often as I am sure these will fill fast.

I have created a "cheat sheet" that outlines some of the basics I follow for Milky Way Photography. Please feel free to download it and use it! Make sure you share your photos on my Facebook page!



Dark Sky info for Mahoney St. Park (Click to explore data for other available areas):